Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Outsourced

This foreign born A list singer has long been married. For many years, his celebrity wife indulged him with his fetishes and would be the one doing the sex act for him. Now that they have been married so long, she no longer is interested in doing it for him and insisted he find someone else to it. Easier said than done. This is a very famous couple. They initially decided to hire an escort and had the escort sign the many page NDA and then had the escort perform. However, the escort didn't really enjoy it, and didn't want to come back. Every single time they hired someone, the whole NDA thing had to be done before the sex act could even be described. They went through a solid dozen prospects before giving up for awhile. 

Then they put one of their assistants on a fetish website trolling for prospective women and went through another half dozen that way. What they finally did was hire a very poor barely old enough to drink woman from India and told her they would deport her if she didn't do what they wanted. Apparently she was given a worker visa because of her specific skills. The specific skills were not mentioned, and the woman had never performed any sex act prior to her employment.

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