Friday, July 08, 2022

Four For Friday - Over The Top Reader Blinds

#1 - What you are seeing isn’t what was supposed to happen. The reason he was alone in a dangerous area was he was supposed to be offered up as a sacrificial lamb.  This is also why drones were everywhere to capture it on film.  This was supposed to be a warning to any others who chose to defend themselves or their property.  However, he turned out to be a lot capable than what was thought when they had singled him out.

#2 - This investigative organization that recently were in the news due to the family member of the A++ lister are preparing another exposé on the A++ lister.  This one is on the event that a lot of people associate with him in particular two points. The A++ lister's deceased partner had been drinking that day which was directly responsible for what occurred. This was because she had recently discovered the A++ lister was having an affair with the woman he is with now. In fact, he had been pulled over for a moving violation by a policeman while driving her car.

#3 - The former A++ lister's leaked comments on a possible contender in a key part of the country were not an accident.  The possible contender's weird sex life with his new partner which include scatplay and cross dressing will come up.  The other choice is a contender who a movie was made about but who once said bad things about the A++ lister.  The A++ lister is slow to forgive but several of his allies are giving support to this contender.

#4 - What will the A++ lister offer as an excuse when it is revealed that the committer of a very recent violent act was inspired by the same source that inspired an even more violent act in another country and that source is someone the A++ lister is funding and supporting in a struggle of their own.  Even worse the committer of the recent act not only received inspiration but also money.  The committer in the foreign country of the even more violent act  actually went to their location and learned from them in person.

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