Friday, August 26, 2022

Blind Item #11 - Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver

The driver met the television host who had a long running show known for catching criminals at the gate at LAX. The host was with a younger woman and the driver wasn’t sure if it was the host’s wife, girlfriend, or assistant. The two men talked easily and the host was just like his persona on television. The driver admitted he was a fan of the show. The host asked the driver if he was an actor, and the driver said, no he was a writer. “We need writers!” the host exclaimed with a wave of his hand. The host instructed the woman with him to give the driver his card. “Call me and we will talk,” the host told the driver. A couple of days later the driver called the number and left a message, but never received a call back. The driver now realizes it probably takes more than one phone call to make something like that happen.

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