Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Did Her Wrong

I have not written about this alliterate actor in quite some time. He has definitely reach A list multiple times in two very distinct television shows. The first made his fame. It was during that first run that he met this permanent A list singer. She didn't really care for him, but one of her best friends had a years long affair with the actor. The actor, who was married kept telling the singer's friend he was going to get a divorce any time and she should just be patient. She literally wasted five or six years being strung along by the actor.

Fast forward a decade and our singer hears about the actor having another affair with a different woman and our singer manages to not only find out who the mistress was, but to track her down. The singer then related her friend's story and experience with the actor. The current mistress agreed to talk to a reporter for a tabloid and blew the actor's marriage and career up. The whole world talked about it and our singer got revenge for her friend. The actor had to do several seasons of press for the show he was starring on and each article mentioned the affair. 

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