Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Real Story

This show happened back in the day. It spawned multiple spinoffs. It was a huge hit. I have written about certain events on the show a couple of times. I probably would never have written about it again, but this former star of the show who bailed on it early, was talking about it again this week. He said it was because he had huge opportunities and the show was holding him back from those opportunities. The first issue is that because of his demands, it caused other people to lose their jobs. The second thing is, he had been threatening to quit every single year the show was on the air. Because the network wanted to keep him, they put up with his constant belittling of them and the show and the crew and everything else he did. Our actor likes to think of himself these days as high and mighty and perfect and the person to cast judgment on others. 

Maybe someone should ask him about all the teens he would pull out of line waiting to be on this long running game show. The teens who were skipping school and then invited to spend the day in the trailer of the actor they had only seen on television. Thee actor who would get them high for the first time in their lives and then have sex with them before sending them back outside stoned and sleepy and half undressed to wait for their friends who were still at the game show.

Maybe someone should ask him about the extras for a soap opera that filmed on the same stage who were always missing female extras because he was doing the same thing to them as he did to the game show contestants. Perhaps someone should ask him why he was doing this while married. He was so bad and there were so many complaints, the network moved the show to a different studio.

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