Friday, August 26, 2022

Four For Friday - Vixen Stories

Although, she gave me a very long story I will share in November during anniversary month, my very old friend shared a few quick ones perfect for a Four For Friday.

#1 - When you were called into the trailer of this former A+/A list television actor from multiple hit shows, to have sex with him or whatever he wanted from a female cast member that day, if you dragged sand into his trailer, he would lose his mind and end up being crazy over that and you wouldn't have to do anything. New cast members or walk on roles didn't know the trick.

#2 - This former A list musician who really enjoys getting naked, got drunk and tried to set a lifeguard stand on fire. He was so drunk though, he set the fire while he was inside it and had to crash through the wall to get out.

#3 - This foreign born alliterate actor is A- list now, but back in the day, when he was young, he thought he was A+++ list. He hit on a cast mate of Vixen's and thought he was the bomb when she said yes to his advances. Our actor lost control prematurely multiple times before giving up in shame.

#4 - This A list rocker who doesn't use his real name came by the set one day and got into a fight with someone he thought was hitting on his actress girlfriend. He went and got a tire jack from his car to beat the man with. The man then pulled out a gun and shot out the tires of the rocker's car and said the rocker was next if he didn't leave. The man and the actress then went to lunch.

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