Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Next Big Thing

In am literally shocked this streaming reality star has stayed quiet about this. It must be a giant amount of money for her to not be talking about it to everyone. It wasn't until the past month, and it has been going on for nearly two years, that she told anyone. The only reason she told anyone is there was a fight and she walked out of his place and her Uber app wasn't working so she called a friend to pick her up. Even the fight though has not made her spill to anyone. Once you figure out the star and just how desperately thirsty she is on a daily basis and how often she tries to get papped, it will blow your mind she has not bragged more about sleeping with the married CEO of this streaming giant. I can think of several instances in the past year alone where she must have been ticked off at him and stayed silent. She must be making $2M a year from him or more. She once told me that was how much someone needed to make each year to be able to say f**k you to working or to anything in life. That is why I know she must be making at least that much. 

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