Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Sex Tape

In this space, I have made frequent mention of the abhorrent behavior of this A list singer in an A list group. As much as I may enjoy their music, the entire group is trash. Over the past couple of decades, the singer has hosted parties where he will late at night, pull out his collection. There are hundreds of sexual encounters he has filmed over the years with groupies and girlfriends. Many of the women were of questionable age when the acts were filmed. Every so often for the first few years of this, he would pull out a tape featuring a then underage actress he had filmed while engaging in multiple sex acts. The actress got wind of it. She threatened a lawsuit if he showed it again and demanded the recording be given to her along with a large sum of money. It was enough money to where the once A- list actress didn't really have to work any longer. Apparently though, the singer kept a copy because he reportedly showed it at a 4th of July party. 

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