Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Young One

If there was hope that a new generation of actors/directors/producers would be less a-holey in their behavior towards people without as much power, it doesn't look like it. I will give you a case in point. This A- list actor is hot right now. Television and movies. He is everywhere and knows how to use publicity to get his name out there even more. In the short time has been at this level of fame, he got at least one person fired from a show because he didn't like the person. The person didn't do anything wrong. The actor just went to the producers and gave them an ultimatum, and the person was fired.

In his current project, he wanted a production assistant fired because she wouldn't sleep with him. When the PA said she was going to complain, they found her an office job. He then hit on the next production assistant. She turned him down and he went off on her and verbally berated her until she quit. Production got smart and hired a guy, so it would not keep happening. 

He got a barely there celebrity hammered drunk at his house and then had sex with her. She says it was consensual, but the way she described the evening, didn't really sound that way.

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