Monday, October 24, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Give Up One

I have heard some crazy stories in my time doing this, and this one is right up there and is apparently being done while everyone is watching. There have been a few very very large families on reality television in the past decade. Families that want to continue to have very large families. How to do that? How are you going to find enough willing women to do this? Well, an informant from one of the largest reality families, is starting to speak out and up because she was almost one of the ones. That is what they call them. The Ones. I know, it really should be The One or something like that, but it is The Ones because there are so many. Each member family has to give up at least one of their daughters to whoever wants to buy her. Some families are wealthy because they have sold off several of their daughters. These daughters are the ones who make sure the population enlarges. The informant says at least one wedding that was covered extensively in the tabloids, and talked about the whole dating process, was one of these. Oh, and there is no dating process. It is a dad from a family who goes and inspects the girls who are being offered up. He inspects them thoroughly and then decides which one he wants and a price is paid. Once the price is agreed and paid, the dad usually then test drives the girl before giving her to the son. 

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