Saturday, November 19, 2022

Blind Item #8 - Old Hollywood - Mr. X

Just to clarify an earlier blind from yesterday involving the singing duo, they were never a couple. He was gay in the closet, whose longtime boyfriend was the husband of the female half of the duo. The duo were very good friends offscreen, even though they had a big fight during the location shoot of the second film they made together after the male half of the duo got busted for trying to solicit an undercover cop. This scandal (of course covered up by the studio) led to them not speaking to each other for months. The guy also had an affair with another closeted A-list actor a few years after that incident, when he was being loaned out to costar in a big budget epic. When the head of the studio who loaned him out heard about this, he quickly had the closeted actor [who also had a longtime boyfriend] married off to one of the studio head’s mistresses. Then there’s the situation involving the female half of the duo and her “manager”. Was he really her husband? Did he pimp her out to Broadway and Hollywood producers so she could get roles? Did she really abort his baby which left her unable to have children? 

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