Monday, November 14, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Tool Move - Anniversary Month

It was a great love story and then it was garbage. I wasn't there for the first time they got together on a movie set. She said it was magical, but then again, she said that about every leading man she worked with and had a relationship with. This actress was A- list and you knew if you were the leading man opposite her, that chances were really good she was going to hook up with you during the shoot and all the way until her new shoot when she would repeat the process. 

So, she works with this A- list actor(BB) and they hook up and it is great until she moves on to the next actor. Bb says he was treated like crap by the actress. She refutes this and says BB cheated whenever he was not actively having sex with our actress. Apparently BB decided to get revenge on the actress, and he got his chance a few years later when they made a movie together. I don't know the back story or who was telling the truth or whatever combination of truth and fiction they both believe. But, I do know on the set of the second movie he took great pains to share his conquests with her on set and who he had slept with and how they were so much better and would bring dozens of women on set over the course of the shoot. He wasn't even the lead. The lead actor, had no idea what was happening around him. Our actress almost quit several times, and then decided to play the game and brought out to set, this actor she had hooked up with for a year who is A+/A list now and foreign born. She borrowed the trailer next to BB and while he was in it, apparently had the loudest sex she could possibly have with the foreign born actor. Everyone talked about that performance for years.

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