Friday, November 18, 2022

Four For Friday - Royal Hookups

#1 - The leader of this tiny country is known for his tiny member. It is one of the reasons his relationship with this A- list actress winner/superhero universe/franchise actress didn't last for very long.

#2 - People forget that before this guy died with the Princess, he had a months long hookup with this back in the day A/A- list actress who had issues with prescription pills and has made a big comeback.

#3 - Speaking of actresses, this actress was one of the very top grossers of the 90's. Her film salary paled in comparison to how much she made in Brunei being the companion to the Sultan for two weeks at a time.

#4 - Lets us not forget this A- list dual threat actor who has a children/tween/teen movie franchise based on a video game and how he was the play toy of this Nordic princess for many years.

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