Thursday, November 17, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Influencer

I have previously written in this space about the celebrity "trainer," and most of what he does is not actual training. I have focused on his very high profile clients, but what about the next generation of clients. Where are those coming from? Social media. With the help of his significant other, they are reaching out to mostly women on social media who have a very high number of followers and having them do the work for them. Want to push a particular message for the day? It can be done instantly. Want to push a certain product/supplement that can influence behavior? The millions of followers will be happy to purchase it. The thing they are discovering is these influencers are so desperate for content and to have something out there each day, they never stop to question what they are promoting. In addition to being desperate, the big names under the control of the trainer record personal messages for the big influencers and always make some type of vague promise about working together or getting together which makes the influencer work even harder to get out the message. One of the biggest celebrities who sends lots of greetings to the influencers on behalf of her "trainer," is this A list singer/sometime actress.

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