Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Mystery - Anniversary Month

I have only been to the backyard of the house and inside the guest house in the back. But, to hear it be told, there is a room in the house of this A list actor's home that is off limits and is rumored to be a dungeon. The actor, who got his start in teen movies before moving on to more adult fare has always been a jerk. He ruined an iconic show with his tantrums and bad moods. When he did have his girlfriend still living in the house, she was never allowed in and she lived there for well over a decade.

The most common answer to what lies in the room are a vast array of electronic gadgets. Our actor is known for his love of tiny cameras and hidden cameras and goes back to a role in which he starred. He has cameras everywhere on his property, but people who have been inside the main house say there are no feeds for those cameras anywhere they have seen. So, those are probably in the room. Apparently he is part of a group that places cameras in public places where no one will see them and also places them in areas where they would not be welcome if discovered. He has been accused of putting them on sets and in trailers on sets and in changing rooms in a mall once. People agree that he is mostly likely part of a group that shares hidden camera feeds 24/7 and that he helps finance people in other areas of the country and world who can put cameras inside places he really wants to see.

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