Monday, November 28, 2022

Today's Blind Items - She Knows

I'm sure if you asked this former A- list singer about it, she would say she doesn't know or doesn't remember or she was so busy at the time, she wasn't paying attention or the drugs have clouded her memory. She knows. She knows that she did nothing to stop an A list actor all of you know, from grooming the singer's child from a very young age. Our singer felt like the tween needed to have the one on one time with the actor to make their bond stronger. He wouldn't do anything to the tween, right? He set the groundwork for later though when the tween became a teen. I'm not sure what our singer was expecting. The actor's own offspring have made it very clear with their associations and friendships, that grooming is totally acceptable. It is exactly because the singer didn't do anything that caused the total breakdown in the parent/child relationship. Our singer knows this, but has always been vague as to reasons why. She knows why.

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