Thursday, December 01, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Questions

This foreign born comic actor used to be much bigger here in the US. At one point it looked as if he had clearly broken through here, but then his career, at least here, seemed to falter pretty quickly and even his very high profile relationships with A+ list comic/comic actors couldn't really help him. Why? It maybe had to do something with his long term relationship/friendship with the disgraced molesting DJ. Not everything the DJ did was quiet, and this comic was a little more than just friends with the DJ. There has also always been the question of whether he has a celebrity offspring. He doesn't acknowledge her, because to do so, he would have to admit getting the celebrity's mom pregnant when the mom was not even old enough to drive. See, he does have a lot in common with the DJ. He is also a very outspoken supporter of a cult that also shares their name with a college moniker/nickname. That cult has been accused of all forms of occult rituals. I also found it very interesting that he chose to live in foreign countries until his bff assumed the throne.

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