Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Oscar Wars - Old Hollywood

Back in the days of yore, an actor could make it very clear to the Academy if they didn't want to be nominated for an Oscar. If you forgot to mention it, and were nominated, you could then make it very clear, that you didn't want anyone to vote for you and their vote should go to someone else. There was one actor who was famous for the latter move and he said it was because he thought the whole idea of awards and competitions in the arts were ludicrous. Everyone knew he was saying it because he knew he wouldn't win the award for which he was nominated. Now, our actor who is permanently A list was also a big drinker. One night at a bar, he was confronted by another A list actor who is an Oscar winner and also was a big drinker. It didn't take long before the two came to blows over their differing opinions regarding awards. Both needed the care of a doctor and had to pay several thousand dollars to the owner of the bar, because of all the furniture destroyed. 

Incidentally, later in life, our first actor decided awards were a good thing and did finally win an Oscar.

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