Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Tough Love

Is she Joan Crawford? No. Would I want to be her child? No. How did her children turn out? Depends what you are comparing it to. There is the one child who had to change schools multiple times because of bad behavior. Don't even ask about the missing animals from the neighborhood or the laying out of food for coyotes so they would wander into neighbor's yards. The mom in this is an actress. Was A list back in the day. She says the behavior is just kids being kids. No discipline at all except when the actress felt embarrassed by the school. Anything that looked bad on the actress was punished, but if it could be kept hush hush, then nothing was done. One of the kids had been to rehab multiple times before the age of 14. That was all kept quiet. The getting multiple girls pregnant after getting them drunk, also kept quiet. To look at it from the outside in her life, everything is perfect. It is a rotten mess though, when you peel back the layers.

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