Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Today's Blind Items - Change It

A little over a decade ago, this A list actress was winning all the awards for a movie she was in. She was also really making this A list actress/sometime director angry, because our actress/director thought she gave the better performance that year. No matter what though, this A list actress kept winning. So, a few days prior to the foreign journalists giving out their awards, they had a leak on their website. They mistakenly published the winners of the awards before they were handed out. The A list actress was once again named the winner. Well, our actress/director hadn't slept with and wined and dined with those journalists over the years to have that happen. So, she demanded they do a "recount." Remember, this is all before the show even aired. The night of the show, neither the A list actress or the actress/director won. Instead, the journalists decided they needed to give it to someone other than those two so they would appear to be fair. They gave it to this foreign born A list actress who then took that momentum and won Oscar too.

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