Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Today's Blind Items - Pick One

I don't think I have ever written about this director before. He was definitely A+ list in his genre of movies. He specialized in exploitation movies. He used to tell people if the money was right, he would do a snuff film. His movies, were basically one step removed from it. He was a money launderer for the mob and would wash their money in his movies. He also looked for financing from wherever he could get it. His favorite place to get it were mafia run bordellos or through the women they were running. Our director/producer would hear about guys who had really freaky fetishes and were also wealthy. They would be high class escorts the men were using. Our producer would approach them and say they should invest in movies. They would get a tax write off and they could live out their fetishes with an actress who would star in one of the movies. Our producer would write the fetish into the movie and let the guy read the script and then be present for the casting of the actress for the role and then let him pick. He would then sleep with the actress after he ponied up the cost of making the film. This went on for a solid decade until our producer started shooting straight porn and was blacklisted from making any movies that would be distributed in regular theatres.

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