Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Today's Blind Items - Like Father Like Son

This permanent A list actor/singer believed that a man should start having sex at the youngest age possible. Our A lister had started at a very young age when he was taken to a bordello by his father. Our A lister also liked his women young. The younger the better. His permanent A list wife was usually drunk and didn't care what our actor/singer did. Our singer/actor was casting a commercial and saw someone he really wanted to have. It was a not old enough yet to drive model who was auditioning for a role. Our actor/singer told the very attractive mom that he would cast the daughter if the mom would sleep with him. She did. He then cast the daughter. The daughter was super excited and told all her friends. The day of the shoot, the actor/singer said he was sorry, but he found someone else for the role unless the daughter slept with our actor/singer. Not wanting to go to her friends and tell them she didn't get the role, she slept with the actor/singer who was many decades older. The second day of the shoot, she was told she was being replaced unless she had sex with the also not yet old enough to drive son of the actor/singer. She did and the result was a baby nine months later.

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