Friday, May 24, 2024

Four For Friday - Strange But True

#1 - This foreign born permanent A list actor was an Oscar winner/nominee. Until he was 13, he was raised as a girl.

#2 - This former soap star who once sued over some naked photos, made five times her salary as an escort. The only reason she stayed on soaps was for the advertising.

#3 - This A list actress is an Oscar winner/nominee. She once nearly overdosed with an actor ex. Her family hushed it up and banned her from seeing him ever again and literally stayed with her 24/7 for one year until they were sure she was clean.

#4 - This foreign born A+ list (in her own country) actress/singer hated her long time television job. For years, she would call in sick once a week and then producers put a stop to it until she agreed to sleep with the producer once a week.

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