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Today's Blind Items - The Yachting King Of Cannes - Old Hollywood - Mr. X

With the Cannes Film Festival winding down and yachting season in full swing, I thought it would be nice to look back on both during Hollywood’s golden age. When the Cannes Fest officially started just after WWII, this Middle Eastern royal and socialite (let’s call him The Prince) parked his massive yacht on the French Riviera and invited a revolving  door of female celebs to entertain (more or less) his circle of friends, who were millionaires and sheiks mostly from South Asia and the UAE. Sometimes, an Egyptian royal would take part as well as The Prince’s father and a Latin American diplomat/athlete/playboy.

As for the ladies, the following are rumored to have taken part:

1) The A-list actress/dancer who had just finalized her divorce from the permanent A-list actor/director 

/writer and would go on to marry The Prince. Ironically, The Prince and the director were good friends and would often swap prostitutes when The Prince would visit LA.

2) One actress who The Prince almost married, a cat-eyed A-list actress, left him when someone in her camp told her what the trips on his yacht entailed.

3) The A-list actress who was then still married to a permanent A-list singer/actor. One of the trips she brought along a matador whom she was cheating on her husband with.

4) Not one, not two, but three of the foreign born actress/socialite sisters, the third sister being the lesser known of the trio because she gave up acting after an unsuccessful try in her home country.

5) The actress turned royal who slept with The Prince around the same time she met her soon to be royal husband. The Prince in turn gave her some expensive jewelry as a thank you. 

6) The B-list foreign born film actress who later became an A-list TV star, still very much alive but will hesitate if you ask about it.

7) Another still very much alive actress, who is retired, also won’t talk about her visit on The Prince’s yacht.

8) The foreign born permanent A-list actress, also very much alive, went on The Prince’s yacht several times before she became a superstar, until her producer husband put a stop to it.

9) The blonde bombshell who’s initials aren’t MM, the first of many, many yachting trips to Cannes

10) The alliterate actress/singer who was in Cannes to promote the film which would put her in the history books.

11) The foreign born alliterate actress who like #7 is still alive but no longer acts, was basically discovered yachting in Cannes while barely legal and was a regular on The Prince’s yacht.

12) Another actress who was barely legal when she went on The Prince’s yacht was this permanent A-list actress who everyone knows. She vowed never to return again after the way she was treated and she kept that promise. 

13) If you were wondering if the star who was mentioned in #9 visited The Prince’s yacht, she did so only once that I know of. 

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