Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Today's Blind Items - The Fear

This foreign born actor has been acting since he was not even double digits in age. From his very first public thing, he has worked with some of the biggest actors and directors on the planet. He has always been groomed to succeed. To Gen Z he is probably A- list, but to everyone else, he is probably closer to B+ list or even B. By the end of this year, his team thinks he will be pushing A+ list. That is a bit of a reach but they want him to be offered the same roles that Timothee Chalamet is offered. They see identical career paths.

When our actor was coming up through the ranks, there were many directors who took liberties with him and he was always known as someone who wouldn't complain or put up a fight to get to the casting couch. Our actor is legal now, but he has always looked very young. Because he was in such high demand sexually, it is why he got the roles he probably would otherwise have had to wait years for. 

He is about to be big enough to say no to everyone other than the people he wants to be with sexually. There is just one fear. One of the directors, a director who is A list and has worked with him for a very long time has some very explicit videos of himself and our actor. They are not just explicit, they are also extreme. If they came to light, that would be a tough hurdle to overcome for the actor. 

The director is getting older and sometimes forgets things and has more and more people assisting him with things. Our actor and his team, hope the new hires can be trusted not to leak things. Maybe they should look at themselves in the mirror since they are the ones talking about it all.

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