Friday, June 01, 2007

Random Photos Part 1

By this point, I shouldn't even have to say anything.
Who wants to guess how much work LC has had over the past year?

Yes, Andrew. Here is Noa. Happy now?

As a teenager, there was no better combination than Cinemax and Rebecca DeMornay.

You better e-mail me back. Seriously. A week? Just because you got to be the big star in Cannes last week doesn't mean you can't take the time to write two words. And, no, not the two words I know you want to use. That's tough for me to do with my age and weight.


Hez said...

Um, Ent? I thought I was the only one confusing this site with ;)

PS: How many days til' the premiere of Evan Almighty again?? I mean, If you're gonna suck up to your girls, don't forget the LG!

Hez said...

And I gotta say, I love K.Oz's gothasol and teddy bear pendant. She's kinda grown on me over the years. We could hang.

Anonymous said...

LC had work done? I doubt it. Maybe a nose job in youth or something but since she became a public figure in LB she hasn't changed!

Anonymous said...

LC hasn't had anything done..i know im her almost famous
She has lost some weight lately from doing intense pilates though..just sayin.


Allison said...

yeah, lc def. lots some lbs.

schneefloeckli said...

So Shannon Elisabeth is AP then? *is confused*

andrew said...

Nice one Ent Lawyer.
My MRs. Looks hot.
I'm in LA in July..
You gunna email me this time?
xx andrew