Thursday, February 21, 2008

Random Photos Part One - Kept Finding More Photos Edition

There was almost a part two today because I just kept finding more and more photos. I really could have kept going, but I didn't want to think of things to say about more photos, so just left it at this.

"It's okay honey. I'm going to open a school here and make your life better."
Will Young and Beth Ditto prove that UK after partys are waaay more fun.
Cat Stevens already did the whole name change thing right?
You know I love Amanda Bynes, but for about the millionth time I wish she would go back to being who she was, and not look like every other person in LA. Her hair color made her unique. Now, she is just like everyone else and there are already enough of everybody else. I want unique.
Speaking of unique. Alexis Arquette is certainly that.
If Full House started again today, Lori Loughlin would still be the best looking person on that show. Not the most likely to work at a strip joint, but the prettiest.
It took them an hour to play have you ever taken this drug before one said no.
It has been to long since I had one of The Veronicas on here. The primary reason is I hate spelling Jess' last name which is Origliasso.
I love this photo. James McAvoy, Reese Witherspoon and Christina Ricci. I like how they all got in order by height like it was gym class. Who wants to start the Reese Witherspoon baby bump rumors and who the baby daddy could be.
I'm trying to think who Christian Slater reminds me of now. I've seen that face somewhere before. Maybe a cartoon?
Can you hate someone just from looking at a photo?
How about now?
Michael Franti - Los Angeles
Michelle Branch - Los Angeles
Linkin Park - New York
Ever wanted to know what happens to an ex-husband kicked to the curb because a wife got too famous? Ask Scott Foley here seen with Marika Dominczyk.
If you don't know who Richard O' Brien is then we need to have a chat, but if you really don't know, click on the photo to make it larger and then read the name on the poster.
I have no idea who Poojah Shah is but with a name like that, I just have to include her.
The photo above of Lindsay and Fergie was taken in Milan at Fashion Week there. Although we all know Lindsay isn't that hot, the majority of people in the world would disagree with you. Fergie is also considered hot. Now, take a look at the two photos below. One of Petra Nemcova and one of Naomi Campbell. These are just candids at the same show as Lindsay and Fergie. Petra and Naomi always look good while Lindsay and Fergie need lighting, photoshop, and a really talented photographer.

Put Hilary Swank next to a normal sized guy and she looks like a twig.
Tate Donavon is on the market again, and he will even give you a bike to go out with him. Oh, I think he and Jennifer Aniston should start going out again. Why not, they both don't have a career, so that shouldn't get in the way.
The lovely Sissy Spacek and her equally lovely daughter Schuyler Fisk.
Shia LaBeouf makes some extra bucks delivering food.
I don't really have anything to say, I just like looking at Salma Hayek sometimes.


captivagrl said...

it's like Ricci has morphed into a completely different person. and, Swank - hey! eat somethin!

Twisted Sister said...

Holy crap, I had no idea that was Christine Ricci. Even knowing it, it's not registering.

These look like the answers to some blinds?

EL, Slater reminds me a little of Steven Baldwin.

surfer said...

seems like there might be a few answers to some of MM's blinds - Alexis, Shia, etc., although the clues are usually to Ent's blinds.

Amber said...

Christina Ricci is looking damn goooddd. I thought Scott Foley and Jennifer Garner split up because he was butthurt that she made more money , and was more famous than him. That's what it sounded like in this interview I read anyway..

Nicole Kidman looks really beautiful. I know, she's got 354353 viles of botox in that face but still. :)

Kristen S. said...

Is it safe to have collagen while you're preggers?

DNfromMN said...

Nicole has on her fake smile.

I always liked Lori Loughlin. It's a shame she ended up going the tv-movie route.

christian slater now looks like Barney Rubble.

nothingsacred said...

aww Schuyler! I love that girl! Hello is one of my favorite songs ever.
Richard O'Brien!! I wondered what he was up to. Actually, the cold case episode that has Barry Bostwick (asssshole!) was on the other night. Has anyone actually seen shock treatment? the "sequel"? lol the cast that I was friends with and frequented their shows (and frequently became their bitch) had a twofer one night and they showed it. campy. funny. not the ne sais quois.

I like Christinas dress. though i don't like her looks. I don't think upgrade. I liked her chubby. I loved prozac nation. and opposite of sex.
WTF@ the Sebastian Cole guy? I keep hearing his name, but hadn't seen him lately. or at least didn't recognize him.
and I think Alexis is cute.

Pamela said...

Pass the toast!

Trix said...

My god. Kidmans arms and hands and neck...and chin and face....she looks like a walking corpse! How old IS she...really?

I loved Scott Foley as Shawn on Scrubs. He was so likeable and cute.

Brenda22 said... is Nicole actually pregnant? Even Reese has a bigger baby bump than her. When does one actually start to show?

Mistik said...

Wow. Richard O'Brien needs to cut WAAAAAY back on the hormones. Or switch to testosterone.

francesca fiore said...

Christian Slater looks like one of the Dick Tracy villains. Flattop maybe?

And Michael Franti is awesome, thanks for the pic!!

mazemerizing said...

Scary that Alexis wound up being the prettiest of the Arquette girls.

I really like Hillary Skank's dress.

califblondy said...

If that's Steve McQueen on Naomi's t-shirt, she just went up a notch or two.

What's up with Nicole's lips? Hasn't she seen Lisa Rinna or Melanie Griffin?? Don't do that shit. That ain't gonna be pretty when she hits 50.

I like Christina Ricci's new look.

Flora said...

Another "Thanks for the pic" for Michael Franti. That man walks on water and still doesn't get enough love!

captivagrl said...

celine: okay honey i'll give you a hug but don't touch the dress.

Kara said...

Question I hope you can answer.

RE: Your comment about how Tate Donovan and Jennifer Aniston should start dating again because they both don't have a career.

How/Why in the hell is Jennifer Anniston on the list of super A++ hosts for "The Night Before Party" on Saturday?

I can't wrap my head around it.

You're right, her career IS going nowhere. From the looks of it, all she does ever does is lay in the Malibu sun, smoke pot, exercise, starve and/or eat the Zone diet, go shopping, indulge in her 'happy' habit and hang out with Courtney.

I know she has a few movies lined up, but none of them really look like winners. Other than, maybe, He's Just Not That Into You. And even then, she wouldn't be the big draw - its an ensemble with names like Scarlett Johannson, Jennifer Connelly and Drew Barrymore.

WHY again is she hosting The Night Before Party?


Harriet Hellfire said...

I had no idea that that Fisk chick (I like saying that because "Fisk" means "fish" in my language) was Sissy Spacek's daughter. I will now crawl out from the rock I have been livng under and hereby exclaim that I Just Don't Like Her. Fisk. I don't know why. She seems smug. And also reminds me of this smelly hippie bitch I once knew.

Majik said...

Francesca said:
Christian Slater looks like one of the Dick Tracy villains. Flattop maybe?

I was thinking the SAME THING!!!!

mazemerizing said...

Kara, good question -- why is Jennifer on that list? I'm thinking they all have the same agent or agency - CAA?

bippy said...

trix, you are so right about nicole kidman -- don't these women realize that botox-abuse, etc just makes them look even older?

or is it just me?

Judi said...

Saw a photo of Kidman elsewhere at this same event frowning w/ wrinkles between the brows so she's off the Botox for now.
Richard O'Brien!! Riff Raff!! LOVE this guy. From my era. Hope he's still making buckets of dough from RHPS.
Love Lori's and Hilary's dresses. Love Petra. Sorry, not into cartoons. Well, Pixar, yes, but that's about it.
Ugh, Lilo is just SO ugly. Fergie should always pose with her.

MarcomMom said...

>> I'm trying to think who Christian Slater reminds me of now. I've seen that face somewhere before. Maybe a cartoon? <<

Dudley Do-right?

nycer said...

mazemerizing you're right. She's got uber-agent Kevin Huvane @ CAA and a producing deal w/ Katzenberg for a musical! It's good PR buzz for the biggest charity event. They were all actually at the same party a couple of years ago right after she was martyred. It's like seven or eight hundred people, not to hard to avoid someone. There's no cameras inside so even if there was the hoped for bitch slap, hair pulling cat fight - we'd have to settle for police reports.

bionic bunny! said...

tate deserves better than jennifer and i've always thought so. she sure dumped him quick after meeting brad prick.

damn it, now i can't get "time warp" out of my head!!

parisss said...

Christian Slater did the voice for Jett Fusion on Jimmy Neutron. But I do think he looks more like a gangster from Dick Tracy.

I like Nicole Kidman, and think she's beautiful, although overly botoxed. It looks to me like Slater may be doing some botox-wrinkle-removal himself.

I am 3 months preggers, and am showing alot. I'm a small build, and this is baby 3, so that's pretty normal. First baby- I didn't show until 5 months, and didn't get BIG until 8 months.

I also still think Michelle Branch may be the much younger songstress who's a lez in the MMusto BI's.