Friday, January 09, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Patrick Swayze has been admitted to the hospital for pneumonia. That doesn't sound very good, but I hope he makes a complete recovery and gets out soon.
A very highly requested guy from all of you is Aaron Eckhart. Here you go. And, as a bonus you get inside his jacket. Kind of. In a two dimensional kind of way. Not in a groping kind of way. Although what you do with your imagination is completely up to you. I don't judge.
Before Angelina Jolie gave Anne Hathaway the stink eye.
I don't think Ali Landry is in the photos enough. In fact, I'm not sure she has been in the photos.
Brad Pitt kind of looks like he just rolled a seven at the craps table. I don't know what that means either, but it is a strange look. Of course from all the martini glasses I saw on his table in a different photo, this look might just be him saying to himself, "damn I'm drunk. Hope we don't end up with another baby."
Never get to see enough of Blair Underwood.
For those of you who love Christian Bale, this was all I could find of him. So, you will have to make do with Christian sharing some space with Ron Howard.
It is like looking at one of those AT&T billboards where they use things and people as bars.
You know you don't like someone when you don't even like the way they stand. Evan Rachel Wood is just such a person for me.
Franz Ferdinand - Brisbane
Freida Pinto looks lovely.
Yes, those really are pajamas. And yes, she really was lazy enough to wear them to a premiere.

It kind of looks like they are going to make a Three Musketeers movie.
It's a Duggar. They want a huge family. That's a shocker.
The random photo of the day goes to Jay Chandrasekhar and Adam Duritz.
Although Kirsten Dunst at Disney is pretty damn random too. She actually looks good.
I don't know if the lens was messed up or what, but I am hoping that it was and that Katy and Amanda have not recently turned into fun house mirrors.
I don't think Kevin Sorbo has been in the photos before. I think I would remember a guy who has an ear shaped like a boot.
Laura Dern. Just because.
Good news. Paula's dog is still alive. Scared and wanting to run away, but alive.
At some point do you think Phillip Seymour Hoffman says, "maybe I should shave."
Did Richard Gere gain like ten years in a week?
It's Lloyd at the Dewars party.
First they get actors like Michael Katish to drink
and then embarrass them by asking them to putt.
Like Jordan Belfi even cares what the color is or that it has hints of the earth or cherries. He just wants to drink it.
Rachel McAdams on the set of Sherlock Holmes.
Rumer Willis trying to get some free diamonds for Sunday.
And the latest craze in the UK. Cajun Squirrel chips. Yumm.
The Grates - Brisbane
Hopefully Zac Efron bought some pants that fit.


Emobacca said...

I want to fuck Frieda Pinto senseless after seeing Slumdog Millionaire

There I said it

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

I never noticed before, but Kevin Sorbo almost looks like he could be Hugh Laurie's older brother there.

twunty mcslore said...

Richard Gere does not look that bad, seriously!
And Patrick Swayze, man, love you. Please get better. Sending out a prayer for you.

Ms. said...

Enty, do you mean Michael Kalish, the artist?

Duggar = simpletons.

Kiki always looks good when she bathes.

I really like Laura Dern's dress.

Katy Perry's wearing fur, therefore is dead to me.

Who's pajama girl? I don't think she's lazy, I think she's smart enough to get into a lot of blogs today.

Jordan Belfi - gawd I loved watching him on Entourage. He plays sleaze to perfection.

jax said...

silence is golden Lloyd.

who the fuck would marry a Duggar?
you know you're in a world of hurt and a vagina the size of the grand canyon by the time you're 25.

Mexi said...

pajama girl is Jessica Alba

Snautrag said...

Christian! Thanks Enty. Rare to see a pic of him without Sibi tagging along...

lutefisk said...

Hope Patrick Swayze is ok.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman needs to start lining up jobs at the Pictures with Santa.

Ms Cool said...

I love Patrick Swayze and this sucks.

Mmm. Christian.

Why does Angelina look 20 years older than Anne Hatheway? She needs to quit with the plastic surgery.

Adrienne said...

Anne shouldn't have stood next to Angelina. (Before OR after the eye daggers.) I don't care how confident you are, after seeing that picture, I would question my nose, my eyebrows, my smile....

Harriet Hellfire said...

I sure hope Patrick Swayze pulls through.

I'm having a hard time with Aaron Eckhardt right now because I watched "Towelhead" the other night, in which he plays a really rotten character. He was really good in it, but the subject matter is really uncomfortable and provocative.

I highly recommend it, followed by a lighthearted comedy though.

jib said...

What - no pictures of Laura Dern and angie jo hugging it out? LMAO

I can't believe the new Duggar's had their first kiss at their wedding....what a honeymoon that must have been....and not in a good way either.

ERW looks like she's my age - isn't she in her 20's?

I want to have copious amounts of drinks with Richie Cunningham - he's been around so damn long he'd have some really interesting stories.

Mooshki said...

Anne looks like a caricature next to Angeline. And Angeline does not look thrilled to meet her, even before the stink eye.

Poor Ali Landry. You should put her at the top of the photos all the time to help make up for what Mario did to her.

"damn I'm drunk. Hope we don't end up with another baby."


Ooh, I love Franz Ferdinand!

You post a pic from the "Bloody Valentine" premiere and it isn't Jensen Ackles?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!!

OMG, forget what I just said, it's a picture of my future husband, Jay Chandrasekhar! I LOVE YOU!!!

Kirsten Dunst looks good?! Okay, I'm back to thinking you're on crack today.

I've gotta get some of those squirrel chips for my dog. She would be beyond ecstatic.

califblondy said...

Loved the interview with Patrick and Lisa the other night. What an awesome spirit. Get well soon.

Molly said...

batman and opie....gotta love it.

calfiblondy, yea, they both came across as so loving and wonderful. i hope he pulls through this bout with pneumonia. it's just so unfair what some people have to go through in life while assholes (o.j. simpson, etc) are healthy mofo's.

bookjacket said...

What do you guys think of Laura Dern's dress? I kinda like the look. But "jib" made me laugh. Brad and Jen were famous for their battles and temporary break-ups b4 *he* met Angie, but poor Laura! She thought she was engaged to Billy-Bob, and discovered she wasnt in the tabs. I loved it when she just announced that! Although maybe she was lucky since hasnt he been divorced like 5 times-- including one spousal abuse charge?

KellyLynn said...

I don't think Anne Hathaway looks any less beautiful than Angelina Jolie, but I do think that Anne's current level of scrawniness is making her nose look huge. And I never really noticed her nose before.
I'm also really sad that the lovely Amanda Bynes has been relegated to the ugly D-list functions that welcome someone like Katy Perry. I know Amanda isn't the greatest actor, but she does seem awfully nice. That should get you somewhere, right?
Oh, and speaking of Katy Perry, I read somwehere she and the Gym Class Heroes guy broke up. It made me think of the BI I saw here a while back with the pop star who was screwing her manager behind her boyfriend's back. Was it her, like many of us suspected? Just wondering.

nunaurbiz said...

Thanks, Enty, for putting Aaron in there and looking so dapper, too! I needed that today


wineaux said...

what is up with that GD dress i've seen on a thousand celebrity women that amanda bynes is wearing? that dress is SO over - which is probably why she's wearing it - but i don't understand the love for that dress (*clenches fist*)

who is the designer? they need to be shaken like a martini for designing such nonsense.

AnonMom said...

@wineaux -- It's the Herve Leger bandage dress

Dave said...

You know, I was just thinking that I needed the refreshing taste of Cajun Squirrel. This is a legit pic peeps, I googled it. Sheesh. said...

Amanda Bynes needs a good comedy movie where she can do what she does best and shine!

k said...

Amanda Bynes might be nice, but ever since that interview where she said she wasn't friends with a lot of actresses because they were so catty, so instead she's BFF with Perez Hilton. Yeah, ever since that I'm convinced she has to be dumb as a rock or something worse.

Molly said...

wineaux, there's always some version of that dress in style and it's probably not going away any time soon. amanda looks fantastic, as she always does

Molly said...

bookjacket, meant to add - hate it!

bionic bunny! said...


*secret code for clean up is needed*

shakey said...

BEERFEST! That is all.

deity2 said...

I'm sorry....I am neither an Anne Hathaway or Angelina Jolie fan....but come on....the bad comments about Anne....everyone is always talking about how "celebs don't look real".....well, IMO, Anne looks like a "REAL" person, and Angelina looks like a goddamn caricature of beauty.....this, I want to add, is only MY opinion ; for all the Angeloonies out there!

Mooshki said...

"BEERFEST! That is all."

But what about Potfest?

shakey said...

ohhhh. Forgot about that. They should do the sequel. "He has the Eye of the Jew!" Loved that.

Ms.Leigh said...

whyyy does the new mrs. dugger look PREGNANT in her wedding photos here? but on the dugger website, she's waif-like as usual?

i'm smelling a shot-gun wedding! "we're saving our first kiss for our wedding night!" my ass. what a joke. and a scam! i hate this family so much. the hypocrisy, the fraud and bullshit. they're con artists disguised as "perfect parents". perfectly neglecting and exploiting thieir innocent children!!!

Ms.Leigh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Diana said...

RE: Patrick Swayze - I missed the special - does anyone know if it is available on line anywhere??? I think I need to watch Dirty Dancing and Ghost again... what a class act he is. I am so hoping that he can be the one who is able to beat this horrible disease.

Mooshki said...

Shakey, they've got to finish Super Troopers 2 first. And it's almost Slammin' Salmon time!!! Honestly, I don't know if a Potfest could possibly live up to Beerfest.

becki626 said...

Bruce(GOD)Campbell had real nice things to say about working with Kevin Sorbo behind the scenes on the Hercules set. It must be so.

Jay Chandrasekhar is the genius behind Super Troopers, Dukes of Hazzard(not so much)and Beer Fest.Can't wait to see what he's going to release next!

BeauSaxon said...

Why is Amanda Bynes's head so huge? Is it that bobblehead thing going on, when a star gets so skinny their head looks huge? Seriously, look at that pic! Her head is the same length, top to bottom, as her neck-to-navel. That's just wrong!

Dan said...

Most celebrities I've seen have huge heads.. I've heard it films well.

Anne Hathaway who normally looks very pretty looks hideous standing next to Angelina who I'm not the hugest fan of but I've seen in real life and is unbelievably beautiful. First time I've ever been star struck. Several of us commented that she really was the hottest woman that we'd ever seen in real life (and I'm gay).

pomme said...

i love philip seymour hoffman and he never is in magazine.Once he's in photo,i looks like a bear!
i like Bale/ron howard photo because it's the evidence they like each other before HOward stand up for him in the audio scandal!