Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today. Wendy Williams in NYC this morning.
Ariel Winter is now a gun owner.
Tommy Lee shares some chain smoking breath with his girlfriend.
Sharon Stone out on a date last night.
You can count on Britney Spears to show off a lot of skin in her posts, but
Alicia Keys needed some charity motivation to do it.
A rarely seen Rebecca De Mornay on a red carpet with her teenage daughter.


sandybrook said...

I rather see Alicia show the skin because she doesn't do it often and she's got a hot body.

Moose said...

Alicia looks smoking hot.

Following up on a blind from yesterday, is that Wendy going in to, or coming out of, her divorce lawyer's office?

Uhhhh... said...

Um, if I looked like Britney, and especially if I worked as hard as she does to get that body (that's a lot of Starbucks and Cheetos to burn off) I would definitely be half-naked all the time too. Get it girl.

bunny honey said...

Tired of seeing Britney half naked all the time. Makes me wonder if she really is ok.