Thursday, October 26, 2017

Blind Item #14

She started off on that same MTV reality show so many others did. Now though, she has taken her reality show talents to another country on a full time basis. Apparently if a guy asks her out, she sends them a copy of her wish list. A purchase must be made from it and sent to her before she will go out with them.


sandybrook said...

Ceiling Eyes? Audrina Partridge?

Torr said...

Stephanie Pratt- now on Made in Chelsea in the UK

BritGem said...

This makes me think of Stephanie Pratt too. I hope it's not true and if it is I hope the blokes tell her to jog on.

Boldblonde said...

Stephanie Pratt. All escorts/instagram models, do the wish list thing. Nothing new.

Noelle Dash said...

Farrah Abraham's


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