Sunday, October 15, 2017

Blind Item #2

At the after party of the junket which happened at an outdoor concert, this A list action movie director was telling other party-goers off for interrupting him chatting up a gorgeous lady at the party. Won't be surprised if he took her back to his room after.


sandybrook said...


Krispyc said...

Probably. Another jerk a la Weinstein.

the everyday girl said...

Bleh - after witnessing a dude hitting on me 'tell off' someone the last place he's gonna get me is back to his place

texasrose said...

This is one of the lamest blinds ever posted here. Are you kidding?? So what? Director hitting on hot chick. Wow! Halt the presses! Oh and you wouldn't be surprised if he banged her back at his hotel?? This is stupid.

zerooptions said...

Bill Murray?


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