Sunday, October 15, 2017

Blind Items #1

This happened on a junket of an international world premiere with a horrible organizing team. Interview schedules were meant to be set after the press arrived, and everyone were to follow the schedule. However the organizing team made some last minute changes, didn't do a good job in informing some of the press on the changes, hence they missed the interview for two of the biggest stars of the movie. It was on the last day of the junket that the interview was supposed to happen - but the artists' schedules were only left with a press conference, and had to leave for the airport after. Upon hearing the news (on the few press that missed the interview) from the publicist, only one actor came back to to run the interview, and gladly did so, even though he didn't have to and could have went straight to the airport with the rest of the cast.


Violet said...

Admin team schedule cock up gossip shocker.

I don't know, does this even count as celebrity gossip? It's more like something that happened the other day.

Violet said...

But I'll say Thor for the sake of it. And Mark Ruffalo for the actor.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Maybe it's a kindness blind for the actor who came back?

Sadie said...

"could have WENT"... oh, dear..

megan00m said...

Right?! Gone! Gone!


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