Friday, October 20, 2017

Blind Item #8

This A- list reality star from multiple shows on the same cable channel had plans on returning an outfit for cash, if not store credit. Problem? It got a huge rip and she was on the hook for the $3950. At the rate she spends money, her family will be bankrupt by the end of next year even with her two salaries.


Jennifer Joyce said...

Kim Bierman

sandybrook said...


Gator said...

We can only hope.

zerooptions said...

That house wife that just got out of the slammer.

Wendy said...

I think Kim is the only one with multiple shows, Teresa is only on RHONJ right?

Jx-Noelle said...

Kim is the one that wore the bathrobe thing to the airport the other day? Hahaha, oh lady.

M Styles said...

hahahahaahahha I LOVE hearing about these faux rich people blowing through their money.
It makes me smile as they did nothing to deserve/earn it to begin with.
Easy come. Easy go.
Thanks for the laugh Kim.


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