Thursday, October 05, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #3

September 27, 2017

This one named singer has been seeing guys for a year so I don't understand why the former A lister is being coy when being asked about relationships after her recent breakup.



David Howes said...

She wants to keep her relationship options open!

sandybrook said...

Because she wants to be seen as the victim not Josh.

cc423 said...

Because the men are married.

Topsy said...

All three? ^^^

zerooptions said...

She's looking for the highest bidder!
Don't forget to bring a box of "Depends" when you go out with her!

Michelleher said...

I think it’s damage control from Josh’s side. There’s a rumor that Iosh has to pay off another stripper / prostitute he has in another city to keep quiet now ! We never heard of her cheating before . Plus, another blind item which was obviously them with Will.iam as the source was about Josh physically abusing her and friends and and family wanting her to leave him. I think he’s not as nice as he appears to be.

Cee Kay said...

@Michelleher You're on the wrong side of this. Josh is no angel, but certainly not abusive, and Fergie is much, much worse.


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