Friday, October 06, 2017

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today.

Katy Perry hanging out in NYC before a show.
Miley Cyrus is the complete 180 from what she was even a year ago.
Child porn lover Mark Salling counting down the days until he goes to jail and sees what happens to child porn lovers.
Sean Bean and wife #14 hit a red carpet last night.
Salma Hayek was in London trying to blend in with the drapes.
Sienna Miller in some jeans. Trying to remember if I have ever seen that.
Tyra Banks on her way to make cake. Seriously.


sandybrook said...

Bwahaha Entern you're funny Sienna always wears jeans!
Salmas outfit looks a bit like drapes but I think it has a Mexican aspect too.

the everyday girl said...

The Salling comment ✔️
Miley... wow. Well done.

Tyler said...

Salma stood out from the crowd that night.
Ill give her that.

nancer said...

miley looks healthy and happy. maybe she grew up.

Sd Auntie said...

Miley is actually very pretty. I like Salma's dress.

AprilInParis said...

Eh, go on over to that fappening website to see recent pix of her and her girlfriend making out. Naked. Doesn't she have a boyfriend? Not being puritanical here but ..... yeah, I guess she looks cute in the photo but probably isn't a different person per se as I recall she had a boyfriend a year ago and there were pap pix of her kissing some chick outside of a club back then too. And that kiss last year looked intense, btw.

I think Salma looks pretty and stands out for whatever it's worth.

Sienna looks atrocious in those jeans but I like her shoes. Doesn't matter though - pretty lady.

Unknown said...

Does the camera shorten legs too?

Ms. Perry appears quite long of torso with stubby legs. Like Clare Danes.


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