Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today.

Jennifer Aniston tries out her new scarf in NYC.
Charlie Heaton doing his best to ignore his girlfriend, Natalia Dyer. What kind of hand holding is that?
Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez make their way into Kimmel.
Renee Zellweger treats Malibu like it is the Arctic.
Selena Gomez filming another rain scene for the molester.
Julia Roberts and
the Willis family did the whole magazine photo shoot thing.


nancer said...

sorry, jen, you look ridiculous.

sandybrook said...

Even if it's part of a film what type of dick holds an umbrella over his own head and lets a girl with him get wet?
The pizza looks interesting anyway.

Riven said...

Nice Enty, only call out the female working with the molester and not the male standing right next to her, doing the same thirsty rape apologist bull shit. So how much is TS' PR team paying you for this shit?

LooLooEasy said...

Renee Z bundles up because she's anorexic and scrawny.

Uhhhh... said...

I hope Charlie is taking Natalia to get something to eat!

Barbara RiceHand said...

Weird how you hate woody Allen but post pics from his movies everyday. Hmm.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

The lady in red is a pretty woman.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

It's lame pun day today. Don't judge.

Sd Auntie said...

It has been cold and been wearing a jacket. Renee has no body fat so yeah she is cold.


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