Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #2

June 25, 2017

Our favorite former commercial actress/model/part-time really bad actress confronted her actor ex at a restaurant this week because she says he owes for the last two months they were together.

Charlotte McKinney/Stephen Dorff


sandybrook said...

She needs to produce the contract to claim breach of it.

B626 said...

Once again, Dorff humps and dumps

Sarah said...

What the heck does anyone see in him???

I googled recent pictures. YUCK.

I'm just a commoner and find him repulsive. He must ooze charisma or something...

OKay said...

Guess I don't see what @Sarah sees. I think he's still cute.

Gator said...

He used to be cute, cuter than her. She's a major butterface.


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