Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Blind Item #1

She likes to think of herself as the girlfriend of this permanent A+ list celebrity who used to be the best in the world at something for a very long time. As far as the celebrity goes though, she is on a month to month paid trial basis.


Tricia13 said...

Tiger Woods and his new chick

Tricia13 said...

Erica Herman

Tyler said...

Yeah.. it's fairly obvious. In the photos I've seen of them, she's typically got her arm looped through his, while he's either got his hands in his pockets or his arms crossed. A noticeable body language disconnect there.

auntliddy said...

Tiger woods is getting to be like a leftover in the frige thats too good to throw out, but no one really wants it and it just gets shoved in the back of the frige.

DavidHowesCREBroker said...

A doctor said to me once: When an athlete's back goes, so does the athlete's career.
Since Tiger's continuous back problems/surgeries, I don't think he'll ever play competitively ever again.


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