Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today.

Katy Perry stops to pose before heading into Good Morning America.
Lara Flynn Boyle after taking a mid grocery shopping cigarette break.
Reese Witherspoon can hear you now.
Rachel Zoe after smelling people eating dinner.
Sienna Miller last night headed to a club.
Sarah Paulson on set yesterday.
Beyonce and Jay-Z headed out to see Solange perform.


Riven said...

Katy I love you but why the fuck would you exit your house wearing that tragedy?

sandybrook said...

Jay should looks like he wants to see Soulange perform.
Lara hasnt aged too well
Katy needs a dressing assistant with decent taste.
Zoe looks like she's actually eaten some food recently.

SkittleKitty said...

Lara Flynn Boyle is the "I overdid plastic surgery" pic everyone considering more than a 'refresh' should see. She was so pretty before, though her smoking was detrimental.

Joel Theriot said...

Katy Perry looks like she's put down 10 martinis at her Palm Beach Ladies who Lunch group.

Mingbot LaRue said...

Every time I see Rachel Zoe I remember that bitchy fake BI that Nicole Richie wrote circa 2006 when they fell out... something about whispering her order of a lettuce leaf to the waiter at the Chateau Marmont

ForSure said...

Wrong dress for a morning appearance, Katy.

Ma1023 said...

I think Lara Flynn Boyl has Cushing Disease.

Mila said...

@Mingbot LaRue - I SO remember that epic battle between Rachel and Nicole! That was also the time Nicole coined her 'raisin face', which stuck for years. Oh, the good old days...


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