Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Random Photos Part Two

Eddie Izzard gets the top spot because he is Eddie Izzard and is amazing.
Orlando Bloom and
the world's tied for last worst actress, Cara Delevingne are making a movie together.
Michelle Williams is in Paris for Fashion Year with
the Fanning sisters, Dakota and Elle. They never pose together.
Clint Eastwood stayed up past 6 to see his daughter Francesca Eastwood's new movie. Her mom Frances Fisher was also there.
Isla Fisher is out promoting a new book.


meagan said...

I love Eddie Izzard. Thanks for posting a picture. Wish with all my heart he was going to come to Boston on his tour. Sad face.

just sayin' said...

i agree, one of the great multi-talents on the planet. i'd go lesbian for eddie izzard :)

sandybrook said...

Elle doesn't look too pleased to be posing.
CaraD might be tied for worst actress but she may win the fugliest actress.
Michelle could look better.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

I'll check out shopaholic's book later.

Dena said...

Eddie Izzard is such a great talent, I don't think he really found his true calling yet - stand-up, acting, awareness-things.

just sayin' said...

he's supposedly doing breast surgery so maybe he's decided to transition. though he's such an individual that i can see him doing it and remaining gender non-binary. either way, one of the earliest advocates for non-traditional gender issue awareness.


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