Friday, October 06, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #3

February 12, 2014

This A list mogul with A list name recognition has a gorgeous celebrity wife. Didn't stop him from using one of the hotel rooms available to him after dinner with a woman at a hotel the other night. Considering his looks, it was definitely a quid pro quo.

Harvey Weinstein


sandybrook said...

So Entern do you think Georgina married\fucked him because she thinks he's attractive?

austin said...

Ha.. attractive when seen through the filter of his net worth.

sandybrook said...

Green is an attractive color, fat old ugly looks attractive if they have green to spend.

austin said...

+1 quid pro quo by any other name is still quid pro quo.

Susan Bahns said...

imagine Harvey's junk dangling in your face. mogul or not that's just gross.

Amartel said...

Vultures circling around the rotting carcass of this beached whale.
Only now that he's no longer making/donating money does the NYT bust out an expose.

Dannette said...

I'm waiting for a comment by the talkative Meryl Streep....or any of them, really.


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