Thursday, October 05, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #4

September 28, 2017

She is not foreign born but everyone assumes this A list dual threat actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and an Emmy winner/nominee was born outside the country. She has spent six figures this year to try and get some titles from Kneepads. She will be ticked if it does not pay off.

Nicole Kidman/People


FrenchGirl said...

It is YOU who thinks she is foreign born like you think ScarJo or Kruger deserves an Oscar

sandybrook said...

Does she think anyone GAF who People thinks is the worlds most beautiful woman? GOOP won this b.s. award skin blotches small tits and all.

just sayin' said...

best moment of the emmy's: nicole trying to wrest the award for outstanding limited series from reese's grasp.

Sadie said...

Kidman's overly extensive botox and fillers would be an issue I think if she's hoping to land on the Most Beautiful list. Then again, their Most Beautiful list is a joke - Goop? Julia Roberts? Come on.

zerooptions said...

Somebody send this B.I. to the guys at SouthPark!
This would make a great episode!

snoopydooper said...

What is this implying? "titles from Kneepads"?

WendyWhoppersJr said...

Headlines in People magazine


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