Thursday, October 05, 2017

Your Turn

Do any of the National whatever days make you change your eating or drinking habits for that day? If I am having whatever it is that day then I guess I feel validated or something but I don't go out of my way to eat or drink that something on that day. 


sandybrook said...

Only if a place near by is offering what is being celebrated for free or doing a deal like they do for pizza and donuts.

Former CNN Anchor Candy Crowley said...

I was going to bake on National Cookie Day, but I was feeling crummy.

just sayin' said...

only for national turkey day in late november.

Dena said...

I celebrate National Wine Day several times a week, but other than that - no.

zerooptions said...

I'll celebrate anything as long as I can get a paid holiday!
Except if I have to fast!

Scandi Sanskrit said...

They're only "National" in America, so I just stare at taco GIFs on Twitter.


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