Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Anna Nicole getting sued

Wow, someone bought a diet product and did not lose as much weight as the spokesperson. Has that ever happened before? As much as well think Anna is a big accident waiting to happen, this lawsuit has no chance as long as it is a weight loss issue. Diet products hedge their bets more than a gossip columnist. Do I think Anna just used TrimSpa to get her new figure? Absolutely not. HOWEVER, every ad always says, results are not typical. I think she used TrimSpa, diet, exercise, surgery and Howard K Stern kissing her ass enough to melt off the pounds. The real question here is why a minor was using something like TrimSpa to lose weight anyway. I think the gimmicks should weight a few years after trying diet and exercise and not letting your kid eat anything they want in the first place.


Anonymous said...

You're right, there is no "magic" pill that will melt weight off. Anna is the spokesperson, which means that she went through extraordinary means to lose the weight. Nothing works except diet and exercise (with the exception of some radical procedures.) And either way, if a child wants to lose weight, take her to a nutritionist, get her into extra curricular activities in school, but don't get her a diet pill. Those are dangerous, especially in the case of young people. And for God's sake, don't sue a company because your child took their diet pill and ate McDonald's everyday and didn't lose any weight.
I don't mean to come off so mean, but it really takes determination and dicipline to lose weight. There is just no way around it.

Anonymous said...

what parent allows their child to use diet pills, I mean come on...unless it's a prescription for Meridia, why would anyone do that? everyone knows Anna Nicole had liposuction to get the body she's got now, along with cocaine and meth.


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