Friday, February 09, 2007

I really do not feel like writing about Anna Nicole Smith today. There is so much information out there, and I am sure you can read and watch all you want without any links from me. I am going to try and lighten the mood today and give you an alternative to the tragedy and morbidity.

We knew Charlie Sheen liked the ladies and liked them over and over again, or until his money ran out. It also turns out that Mr. Sheen enjoys women when they are only pretending to be women. What? You mean Charlie Sheen loves him some tranny loving? Yes, he does according to a new video produced by Heidi Fleiss and Charlie's favorite tranny Kayla Coxx. Is Charlie on the video you ask? Well, yes he is, and I am sure he is loving the day he met Heidi Fleiss and his favorite tranny. Do you think he ever hooked up with Marilyn or Boy George? They sure were in LA often in the early 90's when Mr. Sheen was at his craziest.


Anonymous said...

Damn... looks so convincing until you notice those well-developed arms...

Must be a prerequisite on the celebrity sign-up form to have un-vanilla sexual tastes, conflicted gender identity or just out and out weirdness... said...

Forget Marilyn and Boy George!! Did Charlie Sheen ever hook up with GAVIN is the burning question.


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