Thursday, February 08, 2007

If anyone is looking for a 1964 yellow Cadillac, Michael Madsen has one to sell. Why would anyone want to buy it? Well, it is the Cadillac from the film Reservoir Dogs. You know your career must be tanking or you have other things you are spending your money on when you have to auction off a gift from Quentin and you have not even reached 50. It is one thing to be in a nursing home and selling your Oscar so you can have some dignity at death. Michael even admits he is doing it to make some big cash. I am torn between wanting to bid and wanting Michael to only be offered like $10,000.

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Anonymous said...

I know he's much more interested in being a poet rather than acting, but he could find great small movies to do. It's a shame really he doesn't care if he acts or not.

At least we can be happy he's not selling the car for crack ala the crazy Baldwin.


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