Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Josh Holloway from the show Lost likes the idea of sleeping with very large men and older women. No Jake G, or other traditionally sexy star for Josh, he wants his very large co-star Jorge Garcia. For seconds he will want a taste of Ralphie May or something more exotic like Horatio Sanz. As for his taste in older women, he says he fantasizes about Barbra Streisand, and I don't think he means it in a drag queen, spend $10,000 to see her in concert kind of way.

I posted some non-traditional photos of Josh for a couple of reasons. One, I have some photos of Jamie Lynn Sigler to post later today and don't want someone to say I am not helping out both sides. Also, knowing Ant, and knowing he is reading the post below, I thought I would give him something else to distract his mind.

So, Ant is a huge fan of the blog and is going to let us watch his seduction of Screech first hand. He also promises to let us know if Dr. Ian is begging Ross the Intern to introduce him to Jay Leno. Finally, in exchange for me running his entire demo reel, he is willing to tell us if Dr. Papageorgio (aka Dr. Linda Papadopoulos) has actually ever cussed, drank, not believed every story ever told her, or even knows Ant is gay.

I have to tell you I miss Maria Peer. She was the sexy, British hypnotist from the first season. I think she was let go because she was really friendly with all the guys on the show. I like to encourage that kind of behavior from my hypnotherapists and so was disappointed when she did not return.

So now, Ant's entire demo reel.


Anonymous said...

Cute! Love me some Ant!

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Those are some ferocious roots.

Amber said...

Aaaand, just a reminder to those who watch Lost. The rest of the seasons begins to air tomorrow at a new time. 10 pm !!!!!!!!

MnGddess said...

ET -

Love Ant - funny guy. Although I don't watch Lost - thanks for the photos. Any chence getting a shirtless photo of YOU, ET, hmmm?

Just send care of me and Hez.



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