Monday, February 05, 2007

So explain to me why Kylie Minogue was the one being dumped in this relationship? Her boyfriend cheats on her with everything that moves, allegedly hit on Kylie's sister in front of Kylie and kept her Playboy pictorial out where everyone could see it, and yet he is the one doing the breaking up? This article talks about how he broke up with Kylie over the phone. At least it wasn't a text and he did have at least some kind of balls. BUT Kylie, come on, you should have kicked his ass to the curb a LONG time ago.

Ryan Phillipe says he is not the only person at fault in the breakup of his marriage. I agree. I think all the women he slept with should also be at fault. Ryan states that he is not guilty of all the things accused of in the tabloids, but does not actually deny cheating on Reese Witherspoon.


Philly said...

all i have to say is i wish i were one of the women he cheated with. just looking at ryan makes me forget my name sometimes.

Anonymous said...

12:50 why are you posting that here. It's nothing to do with this blog.

Anonymous said...

Post @12:50, I will do just that and let them know we cannot have that. Thanks for the information.


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