Thursday, February 08, 2007

You know it is a slow day when I am talking about car sales on E-Bay and Fox shows like I am some kind of PR ass kisser. So, because I feel dirty and ashamed I am going to do a couple of things. First, I am going to link you to an article which reveals the winner of I Love New York. Really, the good part is reading the comments on that site.

Second, I have decided next Friday the 16th will be another blind items revealed day. It should be even better than the last one. I think you deserve it because the posts this morning sucked. Maybe I can find a video of Parasite getting run over by a bus to make everyone smile.

If you are really into Fashion Week, then click on the blog The Quest For It. It is written by a friend of mine although I did not even know she was writing a blog until a few weeks ago. It really is VERY well done.


Anonymous said...

We love ya even on a slow news day :) But more reveals definitely puts you over the top :)

Anonymous said...

Onyx? Tango? Pooty?

Talk about upping the nickname game... those are AWESOME (way better than the ones Flav came up with).

Didn't see the show, but from where I'm sitting, Pooty rules!

Anonymous said...

Thanks anyway, even if it was a slow day, that is until Anna Nicole's death took over the internet.

Thanks for the reveals next week. I look forward to them.

Anonymous said...

hi ent
looking forward to the reveals... i had everyone in the library at school sooo intrigued because of my reaction to your reveals last time...

but i don't get why you are in contempt of parasite and defend brit just have to be on her payroll... there is just no other reason that a professional of sound mind would refrain from commenting on her mother-of-the-year poster-child-for-trailer-trash slutty nasty slovenly druggy loser behavior...
the conveniently slips your mind that parasite is not a mother of 2 babies... gotta be payroll

schneefloeckli said...

Maybe I can find a video of Parasite getting run over by a bus to make everyone smile.

OMG, did you wtach LOST? If not, please do and keep this sentence in mind, heeee!


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