Thursday, February 08, 2007

Something new for the first blind item of the day--

I have NO idea who this is. Alison e-mailed me this and asked me who it is. I do not have a clue, but I think there are enough hints to figure it out. I will say that the agent who came from California COULD be Scott Boras.

JANUARY 24--An Illinois man tried to extort a six-figure payment from an unnamed "professional athlete," claiming that his daughter was impregnated by the athlete shortly after they met late last year at a St. Louis nightclub, according to federal investigators. An FBI affidavit alleges that George Edwards, 48, met with a friend of the pro athlete--who is only identified as "P.A."--and reported that his daughter Laura was pregnant and "wanted money."

The athlete's friend then offered "several thousand dollars to have George and Laura, then 22, leave P.A. alone," wrote FBI Agent Dustin Sorrells. Soon, one of the athlete's sports agents was negotiating with George Edwards to pay $25,000 to "obtain a DNA test to establish paternity." If the child was the athlete's, he was prepared to pay Laura Edwards an additional $125,000.

In January, a second agent for the athlete traveled from California to St. Louis to deliver the $25,000 payment to George Edwards. Days later, Edwards called the agent and claimed that Laura had suffered a miscarriage, but that he still wanted the $125,000 payment. And if he didn't get the money, Edwards warned, he would file a legal claim against the athlete and "make P.A.'s affair with Laura public."

I twas at this point that the athlete and his agents apparently first contacted the FBI. In a subsequent monitored phone call, when the second agent agreed to the $125,000 hush money payment, Edwards repeatedly assured him that, in return, he "would not notify the Associated Press, the Sporting News or any other media outlet either directly or through his attorney."

As part of the deal, Edwards was supposed to turn over"some recordings and photographs which presumably documented Laura's relationship with P.A.," the affidavit notes. George Edwards was arrested Monday and charged with extortion, a felony which carries a maximum of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. He is in custody pending a detention hearing scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Laura Edwards has not been charged.

Now, more from Fashion Week

This male news anchor had a comment about every guy he saw while at one show. Most of the comments were basically about adult activities he wanted to indulge in with the spied upon guys.

This high as a kite male rock star disappeared at an after party with this fashion icon's daughter. A follower of the couple said they shared two things in a bathroom stall. One was something white, and one involved removing some clothes.

This one makes my brain hurt. BUT, I am not sure this female member of a band even has a brain. When the runway portion of the show was over and everyone was getting ready to leave, she said, "When do the designers come out and explain their designs to the judges?"


Anonymous said...

That last one is totally bestevs!!!

ACoop for the male news anchor.

Anonymous said...

#1 Former Cardinals second baseman Ronnie Belliard.

#2 Ryan Seacrest

Anonymous said...

First one is for sure Anderson Cooper. I'm guessing Carolina Herrera jr. for the second and the third is most likely someone from Danity Kane.

Anonymous said...

Last one = Fergie.

Can't be Danity Kane because item says "female member of a band." Danity's is all chicks. And do they even merit being called a band???

Anchor = def Andersen Cooper

Anonymous said...

Ok, for the sports person, can't say who but here are the teams that would've been in town from Sept 28-30th

St Louis:
Rams (10/1), Blues (9/28), Cardinals (all weekend)

Detroit Lions (10/1)
Minnesota Wild (9/28)
Milwaukee Brewers (they're still the brewers right?) 9/29 game

- Captain

serenegab said...

Rod Stewart was one rocker there and lots of children of famous to choose from.

Anonymous said...

If you Google George and Laura Edwards, the story is out there identifying the sports star as Ronnie that one is answered...

Anonymous said...

#1 has essentially been identified as Ronnie Belliard (see above post) - also see

Anonymous said...

Here's the article for anyone that wants to read it.

Anonymous said...

Is Anna Nicole Smith dead???

Anonymous said...

gwen for the last one- I don't consider black eyed peas a band

for the 3rd one- high as a kite is a violent femmes lyric- gordon gano's not a rock star but maybe there's a connection

Amber said...

Anderson Cooper would be a hoot to hang out with.. just talking about guys asses and so on. :p

Anonymous said...

WOW - Ent you are the man!
Ronnie - i knew it!

Anonymous said...

Gwen can't be the last one, she has a fashion line and knows how a runway show works, plus shes not even at NYFW.

Anonymous said...

(1) Ronnie Belliard

(2)Anderson Cooper

(3) Lenny Kravitz and Bee Shaffer (Anna Wintour's daughter) were both at the Marc Jacobs show seated near each other. Granted Lenny was with his daughter, but I don't think that stopped him.

(4) Fergie - she is just plain stupid and the description fits.


serenegab said...

Anneka - Maybe ,in Miami it's all over that they're trying to revive her w/ CPR, the works and still working in hospital w/ people saying it doesn't look "good". very sad for her child no matter what the outcome.

Anonymous said...

"When do the designers come out and explain their designs to the judges?"

That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

#2 I think it was Shepherd Smith from Fox News Channel; the rumors about him being gay have been out for a long time. Lots of stories about him trying to pick up men, etc. I'm guessing Anderson Cooper might be a bit more subtle than Shep.

Anonymous said...

The fashion icon's daughter could be Bee Shaffer, daughter of Anna Wintour. No idea about the rocker.


Anonymous said...

#2 is James Blunt--the "high as a kite rocker" refers to the lyrics in You're Beautiful

Anonymous said...

Would you really consider james blunt to be a ROCK star?

Anonymous said...

#2- Daughter could be Dylan Lauren, Ralph's daughter and owner of eponymous Candy Bar.

Anonymous said...

The Rocker:
(From the NY Daily News)
Lenny Kravitz dropped by the Marchesa runway show Wednesday to squeeze pal Georgina Chapman, whose dresses - draped to look like flowers - are favorites of J.Lo, Sienna Miller and Anne Hathaway. The designing beauty is keeping her day job as she gets back into acting, playing a BBC reporter in "Factory Girl" and a fashionista in "The Nanny Diaries." Yes, boyfriend Harvey Weinstein owns the studio. But she was in 12 movies before she ever met him


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